8 years of what rant!! 
Today marks the day that me and my “best friend” no longer speak !! 

Why ?? 

Well here’s a list
– no respect

– no loyalty

– toxic
When you go through 8 years of life with a person who you put all your trust into and did everything for and their repayment was…. Nothing not even a thank you.

For the past 8 years my life has been nothing but negativity!! And that is not how life should be lived !!

Life should be full of positivity !! 

A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders , I can now move on with my life without her in it. No more lies, no more hiding and no more being judged for what I wear and what I want to do…. A free life !! 

Never let someone put down !! 
Have a great March 
Shelby Louise laws xoxo 


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