8 years of what rant!! 
Today marks the day that me and my “best friend” no longer speak !! 

Why ?? 

Well here’s a list
– no respect

– no loyalty

– toxic
When you go through 8 years of life with a person who you put all your trust into and did everything for and their repayment was…. Nothing not even a thank you.

For the past 8 years my life has been nothing but negativity!! And that is not how life should be lived !!

Life should be full of positivity !! 

A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders , I can now move on with my life without her in it. No more lies, no more hiding and no more being judged for what I wear and what I want to do…. A free life !! 

Never let someone put down !! 
Have a great March 
Shelby Louise laws xoxo 


Lower Than Atlantis and guests !! 

So last night I had one of the best experiences I could possibly have 🙂 

My friend got ticket for me , her and my cousin to go see Lower Than Atlantis live at the O2 Academy in Newcastle !! 

We waited around 3 hours in the Priority Que, and got front row (barrier row). We had a great view of all the bands that played and got given set lists 🙂

The first band to play was ROAM, this was my first time seeing ROAM!! They have very catchy songs with a great beat! They are seemed like really nice guys and they even interacted with the crowd.

The second band to play were Hands Like Houses !! I have listened to this band a couple of times before but this was my first time seeing them play live. They were great to listen to and had some very creative outfits overall really enjoyable! 

The third band to play were Young Guns. I first seen young guns in 2013 in London. They have been featured on Scuzz and Kerrang a lot so they were definitely a big hit for the crowd. And as I remember they were amazing!! 

Lastly to play was Lower Than Atlantis !! However they came on stage almost half an hour late due to technical difficulties. But once on the had the crowd straight on their feet, rocking out to their greatest hits !! They had to rush through the set but they did their best to interact with the crows as much as they could!! 

Overall I had a great experience and would 100% go and see all band again 🙂 
Have a great March , 
Shelby Louise Laws. Xoxo

Makeup Favourites!! 

So I have just uploaded another YouTube video within less than a week #sucess…nope 😂

Anyways I decided to share some of my current favorite makeup products 🙂


– boujouirs healthy mix foundation 

– Makeup Revolution 24hour primer

– Rimmel stay matt powder

– Rimmel match perfecting Concealer

– Makeup revolution Contour palette 

– Makeup revolution Highlighting palette

-Makeup revolution brown kit


-makeup revolution salvation palette

– kilo Milano voluminous mascara

– Makeup Revolution lipstick in chafuer

– Estee Lauder lustre lipstick in shade Veintain Rose

– Kiko Smart lipstick in 704 (I think thats the right number 😂)

– Mac lipstick in the shade Creme De LA Femme
And more all in my YouTube channel @shelbzsmilez 
Have a great march!! 
Shelby Louise laws xoxo

Reading list

Hi everyone hope you all are having a great day or night 🙂 

I am very into my romance, dark romance and fantasy/adventure books!!

I like a book that gets me hooked within the first chapter if not the first few pages. I don’t like reading when I’m not hooked into the book.

Characters have to some life to them with a bit of mystery to them as well. I like a really good story line that makes me want more !! 

Here is what is currently on my reading list;

I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!!


– to finish the rest of the HP books (if read them loads already but can’t get enough)

– The immortal series by Alyson Noel

– House Of Night series by P.C & Kristen Cast

– Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton

– Girl online by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella

– The Shadow Hunter series by Cassandra Clare

– Disney Once Upon A Dream Twisted tale by Liz Braswell

– Disney As Old As Time Twisted tale by Liz Braswell

– Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige 

This is my current reading list hope yours like it!!

Have a wonder March 🙂

Shelby Louise Laws
YouTube: ShelbzSmilez

Primark Haul

Hey everyone iv just uploaded my first Primark haul over on my YouTube channel 😀 link below

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Valentino inspos- £14

Choker- £2

Shirt – £10

Dress – £13

Suede dress -£5

Chiffon top – £4

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Happy March 

Shelby Louise Laws xoxo