Charcoal ToothPaste

Hi everyone thought I would share my thoughts with you guys on Charcoal Toothpaste.

Last week I purchased a tube called Ecodenta. Currently on offer at Holland and Barret for £1.99.

I expected it to be critty and to have a vile taste and smell….. I was totally wrong!!!

The smell and taste is nice and minty but not to powerful. I prefer this as over powering mints make me gag!! 😷

It has a smooth texture and comes out of the tube smoothly. Its not running but its not to thick either.

The stuff itself is pure black and can stain the sink but it does wipe of fairly easy. I just wouldn’t leave it to sit otherwise it will stain.

So far I have seen a difference my teeth are starting to look whiter. I use this everyday and night. 

Worth giving it ago especially when it is on offer 😀

Happy February 🙂

Shelby Louise laws xoxo


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