Sick and tired of dry and cracked lips ?

Want them to be soft for that special someone or yourself šŸ˜‰ then continue reading…..
Whenever the season changes I have always suffered with dry and cracked lips …ew….

Cracked lips is not appealing , it doesn’t feel nice and it sure doesn’t look nice!!

I have tried many lip treatments/ balms to prevent drying and flaking lips. Until I discovered the Lush Lip scrub in the smell/taste of Popcorn. 

Popcorn lip scrub by Lush in enriched with coconut oil, sugar, sea salt and jojoba oil. It has a salted caramel taste that smells delicious.

For me the downside was I didn’t like the taste.šŸ˜„

How to use?

I take a bit of the lip scrub on my thinger and scrub my lips. Sometimes I will apply the scrub and then use a clean toothbrush and then rinse off or lick off depending on how much time I have. 

I then use a Nivea soft lip balm to add moistureand to hydrate my lips.

I have been using this product for over a year now and it has worked like a dream during season changes!

Chapped lips come at me bro !!!!!
Have a great February šŸ™‚

Shelby Louise Laws xoxo


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