Birthday Plans and Sneaky Outfit Preview !!

So my birthday is coming up in a week time 🎉

I’ve been struggling with coming up with a suitable plan for my birthday !!

Normally I would throw a party or go ice skating , bowling , cinema, photoshoot etc etc.. 

However this year I couldn’t think of what to do 😦 I will officially no longer be a teenager 😦

My friends don’t have a lot of money to spend due to some of them not working!

So I thought well how about I do something local. So on the 18th of this month (birthday is the 15th) let’s go for some drinks in our local area and lets get all glamed up for the night to celebrate so that is exactly what we are doing.

Outfit 😏

I have picked up an amazing dress from Pretty Little Thing 🙂 its an off the shoulder dress with plunge detail. I will then pair this with black and gold detailed heels and a stunning diamante choker that I happend to find in New look for £10 😀

For my actual birthday (15th of this month) I’m going to be spending it with my boyfriend. We are going to a small café that does afternoon tea and coffee , cakes, hot chocolate etc as these are my favourite kind of cafés 🙂 

Happy Birthday to everyone who shares a birthday in February and stay positive 💕

Shelby Louise Laws ✌


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