Thoughts of an Angry Person

You walk into a room and all you see is red !! Anger takes over but you can’t do anything because where you are is not your place , its not your home. Your family do stupid things to annoy you and make you rage.

People expect you to know what’s going on or what they are doing, but you don’t know because no one said a word to you about it. BUT its you that gets the crap!! Its you that always gets the blame the one who gets shouted at for nothing.

You make one mistake and suddenly your ruining someone’s life !! Your after an escape a place to go to let your feeling out, to let your fears out and to let all that anger out that’s filling up inside of you, it burns and its painful!!

Life never goes the way we want, that’s why we got to take life with a pinch of salt and remember what we have even when we are loosing, look for the positive in everything you do, there’s always a brighter side, its the small things in life that matters!!

Shelby Louise Laws xoxo


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