Time after time I am always asked the same question.


What is your favourite Harry Potter Book?

I have loved Harry Potter for many years, the stories , the magic and adventures never bore me.

I love all the movies and all the books, all the merchandise and everything that follows.

My favourite Harry Potter book has to be Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.


I fell in love with a lot of characters and things in this book. I firstly fell in love with the Night bus !! I would love to take a ride on the night bus and experience everything Harry felt from meeting and talking to the drivers to the quirky design to the hanging head!

I then fell in love with Hogsmede! Omg hogsmede has to be one of the most beautiful villages I have seen, the snow and lights from the shops gives the village such a warm Christmas like feeling to it and make the place even more magical.

Next was the character Sirius Black!! Do I need to say much? Sirius Black was fully of mystery , I loved reading and watching Harry discover who Black was and the connections Black had with his mam and dad. Black was full of Mystery, he was known as dangerous but also an animagus making him even more interesting to read and watch.

Then there’s the Mauraders Map oh how I would love to own one! Imagine being in school or college or just generally being out and about. Knowing who and where people were without them even know … Sneaky!!

……Always xoxo


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